Personal Leadership: Consistency of Character


Every leader is consumed with delivering outcomes that are greater than expected.  Our clients, coworkers, employees or constituents are constantly looking to us to help them succeed.  There is a question for you: Who is looking after your development?

One area of leadership development that is often overlooked is the area of Trust.  As a leader, the greatest resource we have is the trust we cultivate. This type of trust is not an expertise in a niche area but rather consistency of character.

The trust that we build through consistency of our character is built upon each interaction with which we engage.  Take a minute and ask yourself this question as you reflect on the Consistency of Character?

Are my stated values congruent with my active values?  While every leader communicates verbally the values that are important, they also communicate through their everyday actions and interactions.  When times become difficult or seasons become long, we can become unaware of the incongruent values we portray.  The people value that we hold is not seen because we are hurried, frustrated or tired.  The work we have done in valuing people can erode because of seasons of incongruent actions.  

Develop a plan for you to continually improve the consistency of your character.  Over the next several days ask those around you where they see inconsistencies.  Make a list of areas you will work on over the next season.  Enlist the help of coach or trusted advisor to help you on your journey to your maximum potential.

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