Journey Together


In life and business certain concepts ring true.  “If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with others.”  The past several weeks, this African proverb has been forefront in my thoughts.  Recently, I have engaged a process that has allowed me to evaluate the times where I am most effective and successful on my journey.  I have discovered several things through this process. The times in my life that I have made the most progress and the greatest impact have been marked by two factors.

1) I have not gone it alone, others have been with me.  

This principle is one that I can often forget.  I think of the coaches, coworkers, supportive family and a myriad of others who were part of these unforgettable milestones. These individuals encouraged, supported and even challenged my thoughts and actions.  I truly believe that “we” were able to produce a better outcome better than “me”. Those who journeyed with me helped clarify and obtain the win.

2) Clarity was obtained but it took massive amounts of work.

During these times clarity of mission, vision and strategy were present.  The greatest moments were marked by knowing what to do, how to do it and clear metrics that drive towards the win.  During these times great amounts of energy were exerted in a unified direction. 

Those who have experienced these moments will cherish them forever.  I have realized that in order to obtain these two factors, it takes intentionality and investment.  If you or your organization need help in your journey, feel free to reach out for your free initial consultation.  Remember, life is a journey so enjoy the ride!

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