About Us

“Tractus exists to provide clarity for organizations and leaders in the areas of their most pressing tensions.”

Tractus Leadership Solutions seeks to help organizations, non profits, religions organizations and churches seek clarity in order to manage their most pressing tensions. It is my belief that for both organizations and it’s leaders, clarity is what drives momentum. Leaders and organizations who choose to work with Tractus gain actionable clarity on their unique journey.

Organizaitonal Clarity

Lack of clarity within an organization produces poor decision making, lack of employee engagement and a lack of unity which all have the ability to halt momentum. Organizational clarity entails identifying the vision, values and structure of the organization.   Understanding this enables an organization to communicate and act in a unified fashion at all levels of the organization.  This clarity is the key to gaining organizational momentum.

Leadership Clarity

Every leader deserves actionable clarity.  Every person within the organization should know what part they play in the success of the organization.  This objective is realized when each person contributes in a meaningful capacity.  This also includes each person understanding their personal value to and in the organization.  Each person should be shown value for the contribution they bring. Leadership development is at the core of clarity,  Each person should given the opportunity to develop  and understand how this development will enhance their leadership and the organizations success.

Strategic Clarity

Strategy must be clear in order to be adopted and implemented through every layer of the organziation. Each person must realize how they must function within the organization and what objectives they must accomplish which will lead to success.  This clarity will ensure that there is alignment, synergy and momentum within the organization.


We work to bring clarity through complexity. Clarity is a catalyst for momentum.


We work to say and do the right thing, even if it costs us. Integrity wins in the long run.


We work to bring effective solutions to each unique challenge. An organizations personality is its greatest asset.


We work to add value to people and organizations. Adding value creates lasting impact.

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